Allergic to Cleaning?

If there’s one thing that every allergy sufferer knows, it’s that one must manage a tidy place in order to keep allergy symptoms at bay. Preserving a clean house shouldn’t be that difficult. But we don’t live in a bubble.

Allergic to Cleaning?I have found that the biggest obstacle to a consistently clean room is the male species. It is true that stereotyping a whole gender is dangerous, as it has worked against women for centuries, but just like serial killers, messy makers are usually men. At least that seems to be the case where I come from.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard the urban legend of the anal retentive clean man. I’ve even dated a few. Unfortunately, these men tend to live alone, as I’ve never cohabitated with one nor have any of my girlfriends.

What I hear female friends often say, and things I think to myself as well, are phrases like “Why did you leave 4 pairs of shoes in the den? Why is EVERYTHING in the bathroom wet? Do you not see the laundry basket that is literally RIGHT NEXT TO YOU? When will the dishes wash themselves?”

I think the excuse that I love the most is when I point out a huge spill, and the man I cohabitate with exclaims, “I don’t notice stuff like that.” Oh, you didn’t see the huge puddle on the kitchen floor that I watched you walk around 3 times? Come on!

I get it. Cleaning isn’t fun. You have to move and pick up stuff, some of it slimy, but it’s necessary. Why not shift your paradigm? Instead of thinking that cleaning is a chore, look at it as a way to tell your partner that you appreciate them and don’t want them to suffer from avoidable allergens. That’s what this is really about – caring for the people in your home. What feels better than helping out a person you love?

Now… go grab a mop!

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