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Food Breakups

For the most part, I’m a lucky gal. Sure, when the season arises, I get the sniffles, but as far as food is concerned, I have no allergies. And as far as I’m concerned, food allergies are the worst. During my tenure as a junior high school teacher, I witnessed a child have a terrifying […]

Anything Goes

Have you noticed that more people are sneezing and itching these days? It’s to be expected. The weather is warmer, flowers are blooming, and pets are shedding. Stuff gets into our nose and eyes, so of course our body will react. Unfortunately, some people are allergic to things that you and I take for granted. […]

Thanks for the Allergies!

It’s no mystery that we inherit certain traits from our parents: eye color, hair texture, low self esteem… This Russian roulette of dominant or recessive genes may work for us or against us, so it’s just the luck of the draw. What do you do if Mom and/or Dad passes down the ole allergy gene? […]

Allergic to Comedy

I have a confession to make. I’m a comedian. I know what you’re thinking. “Your life must be so glamorous.” Well, it isn’t. Sure, you get to hang out with funny people, and some of them are super smart. Some are not, but I digress. But hanging out at nightclubs at 1:00 am on a […]

The Allergy Zoo

In the movie industry, they say to never work with kids and animals. But in the petting zoo industry, it is imperative that both be present. And let’s face it, little ones pounding on a goat’s head in a corral filled with urine and hay is adorable. What’s not so cute: allergens, dirt, and dander. […]

Slow Roll Into Summer

When I was a junior high English teacher, I remember May being the longest, most stressful, miserable month on the school calendar. May was my month to truly commit to my yoga practice, like, FOR REAL. It was either breathing exercises, or flipping my desk in a room filled with 13-year-olds. I know May can […]

Sandwich In Time For You

If you’ve been on this Earth long enough, you are aware that sometimes life just gets tough. It’s temporary, everything is, but sometimes that tough time can feel like eons. It’s called life, and it isn’t always champagne wishes and caviar dreams. For those of you in the “sandwich generation” (caring for your elderly parent […]

The Plight of Pine Pollen

Oh, hi there. My name is Pollen. Pine Pollen, to be exact. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve seen each other around. You think you know me. But you don’t KNOW me. You see, I get a bad wrap. It’s true that I’m overexposed, but it’s just because I’m a full-bodied pollen, and that’s something that I’m […]

It’s Snot Nice

It’s snot week here at Texas ENT Specialists, and as you know, we’re doing all things SNOT – including these awful snot puns. We’re not apologizing. Snot sucks – although one should never suck snot. Blow it out! It’s carrying things your body needs to extricate. For whatever reason, as a society, we have a […]

It’s Snot Time!

Sometimes it’s green. Other times, yellow or clear. It can drop out of you like Niagra Falls or crust up around your nostrils, which is so ugly to look at, FYI. I’m talking about snot. That’s right, boys and girls, it’s SNOT WEEK. And don’t think that we’re just going to sit here all week […]

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