The Allergy Zoo

In the movie industry, they say to never work with kids and animals. But in the petting zoo industry, it is imperative that both be present. And let’s face it, little ones pounding on a goat’s head in a corral filled with urine and hay is adorable. What’s not so cute: allergens, dirt, and dander.

Petting ZooAs we’re all aware, spring has sprung, and summer is on its way. That means outdoor activities are in high demand, especially for the kids. And what do kids love more than furry animals? Sugar, but for whatever reason, kids are drawn to cute little critters as well.

A couple of hours at a petting zoo can buy you some time, not only while your child plays in bunny feces, but also when the little tyke tuckers out later from all of the fun. That leaves you to some peace and quiet to suffer from your allergies alone. A day with farm stock can wreak havoc. You drag in all of that dander and dust. What’s a parent to do? Of course you want the kids to have a good time, but is it worth it?

Yes. DO IT. Life is too short. All you need to do is pack your arsenal. First and foremost, take your Allevia. Be prepared for the worst, and Allevia is the best weapon for relief. Secondly, bring hand wipes. Petting those furry animals leaves dander all over your hands. Then your eyes itch, so you bring those dander filled hands up to your eyeballs and scratch, and then you’re in a whole world of trouble.

As soon as you get home, wash your clothes and take a bath. Forget the bath; take a shower. You need to wash that llama right out of your hair. Did you know that allergens can stick to your skin and hair? Isn’t that disgusting? I’m all for snuggling up with the house cat but pig dander? Doesn’t seem right.

As an adult myself, I understand that it is sometimes easier to tell kids NO when an event will make your life more miserable. Isn’t being a grown up hard enough as it is? But sometimes, you have to take one for the little ones. Just remember, you don’t have to suffer. Pack your allergy bag and pet a Shetland pony.


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