Thanks for the Allergies!

It’s no mystery that we inherit certain traits from our parents: eye color, hair texture, low self esteem… This Russian roulette of dominant or recessive genes may work for us or against us, so it’s just the luck of the draw. What do you do if Mom and/or Dad passes down the ole allergy gene? You deal with it.

It’s easy to ruminate about the lack of control in one’s life. As a child, I remember crying about some situation and how it wasn’t fair. My mother would lash back at me with, “Who ever told you that life was fair?” That used to really get my goat. Whenever any grown-up told us kids that life wasn’t fair, I’d retort, “Then why am I here? I didn’t ask to be born to deal with this.” Guess what the answer to that was? “Life isn’t fair.”

So there you have it, folks. You received that bee allergy from your father, and it’s not fair. That hive you break out into when you eat strawberries? Thanks Aunt Flora. Not fair! The fact that you love cats, but your sinuses don’t… That’s grandpa Willie’s fault, and you didn’t even get to meet the guy before he died in a freak boating accident. God rest his soul, but SO UNFAIR.

But we’re grown ups now, and everybody’s got a sack of rocks: bum shoulders from Mom’s side, glaucoma from Dad’s, and a pollen allergy from both. So there you are – a legally blind, sneezing maniac, who can’t lift his/her arms above his/her head. The light at the end of the tunnel is that we all have these problems, so maybe it’s more fair than we think.

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