Stop The Animal Itch

Did you know that allergies are not human specific? That’s right. Our cute furry friends suffer from allergies as well, but they can’t tell us because they don’t speak human. Poor things! No need to worry; however, because you have the power to detect a problem with your pet and alleviate their discomfort.

Step one is to identify the problem. There are two primary causes for pet allergies: food and environmental. If your animal companion gets itchy during the summer, spring, and fall, he/she is most likely suffering from seasonal allergies. If your pet suffers year round, it is more likely that the allergen is a constant element in the environment, or it’s food related.

Allergy symptoms in pets produce skin irritation. They get itchy, so if you see your darling constantly scratching, take note. The itch can become so cumbersome that some animals may begin to chew on their skin and rub up against objects. Can you blame them? We’ve all been there. Also, especially with dogs, ear canals can get infected. Watch for increased ear scratching. Food allergies are easier to deal with once you identify the problem. Just as you would do for yourself, eliminate all foods that cause your pet discomfort.

So what can you do to help your pet out during these itchy times? Frequent baths help. This can be a pain in the rear with an animal who detests water, but washing off allergens will alleviate the itch, so your pet will thank you in the long run. Also, keep your pet’s area allergy free. Keep it clean and vacuum often. This will cut down on allergen buildup. Another thing you have control over is your animal’s diet. Adopt an anti-inflammatory diet, if you haven’t already. Keep your pet’s food low in carbs and grain content.

If you’re an animal lover, there’s nothing worse than seeing your babies suffer. Know that you are not helpless in this situation. You can make your pet’s life more enjoyable and itch free.

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