Sandwich In Time For You

fotolia_30630281If you’ve been on this Earth long enough, you are aware that sometimes life just gets tough. It’s temporary, everything is, but sometimes that tough time can feel like eons. It’s called life, and it isn’t always champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

For those of you in the “sandwich generation” (caring for your elderly parent whilst making sure the kids are doing their homework), suffering from allergies can feel like a big lump of coal in your stocking. And now THIS?

In order to get through allergy season, and you will get through it, you must be hypervigilant about taking care of yourself. Follow all of the allergy season rules: bathe at night, do a daily nasal rinse, wash clothes immediately, drink plenty of water, take your Asensa Drops…

But most importantly, listen to your body and take care of yourself. Even feeling mentally exhausted can make allergies feel worse. Mental exhaustion causes physical exhaustion. During these times, it is important to allow yourself to get plenty of sleep. And if you need extra alone time to regroup, then take it. If you can relax mentally, you’ll be able to take care of the physical stuff.

Allergies can really put a wrench in your already packed day, but it’s OK to take this time to concentrate on you. The kids will get to school, and mama will be fed. The world will keep on turning.

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