The Plight of Pine Pollen

pollenOh, hi there. My name is Pollen. Pine Pollen, to be exact. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve seen each other around. You think you know me. But you don’t KNOW me.

You see, I get a bad wrap. It’s true that I’m overexposed, but it’s just because I’m a full-bodied pollen, and that’s something that I’m proud of. You see me on your cars, your outdoor furniture… And since I’m the “curvy” pollen with a big personality, I am blamed for all of your itchy eyes, sneezing, and runny noses.

But I have a secret for you. It ain’t me. Due to my voluptuous nature, which is beautiful by the by, I am too big to fit into your nasal cavity. Yeah, that’s right. BIG IS BEAUTIFUL. So who is wreaking havoc on your allergies? Well, as always, it’s the ones that you least expect.

You see those pollens laughing in the corner? Yeah, the skinny ones. Well, they are Oak, Willow, and Hackberry. I know, those names. Their parents are super bourgeois. Well, THEY are the ones that are causing you all of those problems. Their tiny and diminutive stature, that society deems so desirable, is the very reason why they are able to creep up into your nasal cavities and cause you so many ailments.

So, let this be a lesson to you. Just because a pollen is built with a wider set hip, that does NOT mean that that pollen deserves to be persecuted. Those little pollens are punks. PUNKS I tell ya. Lay the blame where the blame is due. I may not be perfect (I am messy after all), but I am no body invader. Leave that to the small sneaky ones.

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