It’s Snot Time!

Sometimes it’s green. Other times, yellow or clear. It can drop out of you like Niagra Falls or crust up around your nostrils, which is so ugly to look at, FYI. I’m talking about snot. That’s right, boys and girls, it’s SNOT WEEK. And don’t think that we’re just going to sit here all week long making snot puns because that’snot true.

646887What we will be doing is getting down to the bottom of that gooey annoyance that is actually helping our bodies flush out allergens. Is it gross? Yes, but we need to embrace boogers, and I’m snot kidding.

So, to get you started, we’ve devised a snot color chart. It’s a fun game night with the kids or complete torture for the hypochondriac in your family. Enjoy!



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