Posts From October, 2017

A World Without Allergies

I was working out with my trainer today, and she was complaining about her seasonal allergies. “They’re such a nuisance,” she said. “And all of these pumpkin festivals aren’t helping. I was allergy free until my 30s.” This gave me pause because I did not develop seasonal allergies until I moved from Houston to Austin […]

Drop The Shots

Allergy shots have been a viable solution to the long-term woes of allergy season. But for some, the inconvenience of regular visits to the doctor far outweigh the benefits of relief. And for the others, who can’t live without the relief – they have been burnt out by a perpetual state of inconvenience and needles. […]

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At Texas Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists, we believe allergy sufferers have suffered enough— so we found a better way.

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