Posts From April, 2017

Allergic to Cleaning?

If there’s one thing that every allergy sufferer knows, it’s that one must manage a tidy place in order to keep allergy symptoms at bay. Preserving a clean house shouldn’t be that difficult. But we don’t live in a bubble. I have found that the biggest obstacle to a consistently clean room is the male […]

Sandwich In Time For You

If you’ve been on this Earth long enough, you are aware that sometimes life just gets tough. It’s temporary, everything is, but sometimes that tough time can feel like eons. It’s called life, and it isn’t always champagne wishes and caviar dreams. For those of you in the “sandwich generation” (caring for your elderly parent […]

The Plight of Pine Pollen

Oh, hi there. My name is Pollen. Pine Pollen, to be exact. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve seen each other around. You think you know me. But you don’t KNOW me. You see, I get a bad wrap. It’s true that I’m overexposed, but it’s just because I’m a full-bodied pollen, and that’s something that I’m […]

It’s Snot Nice

It’s snot week here at Texas ENT Specialists, and as you know, we’re doing all things SNOT – including these awful snot puns. We’re not apologizing. Snot sucks – although one should never suck snot. Blow it out! It’s carrying things your body needs to extricate. For whatever reason, as a society, we have a […]

It’s Snot Time!

Sometimes it’s green. Other times, yellow or clear. It can drop out of you like Niagra Falls or crust up around your nostrils, which is so ugly to look at, FYI. I’m talking about snot. That’s right, boys and girls, it’s SNOT WEEK. And don’t think that we’re just going to sit here all week […]

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