Asensa Drops™


By Texas Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists

The key to feeling and living better is all in the drop — but at Texas ENT Specialists, we know the process counts for a lot, too. To ensure every step is seamless and efficient, we removed those traditional, burdensome allergy center obstacles from your overall experience.

1- Fast

The process of getting evaluated, tested and prepared for treatment can all be accomplished in your first visit.

2- Easy

At home, at work, on the go? Simply place Asensa Drops™ under your tongue, where they are absorbed and interact with your body’s immune system.

3- Convenient

No need to continually visit the doctor’s office. Once treatment is started, we’ll ship the drops directly to your home.

4- Effective

After following patient reported symptoms in over 1000 of our patients on allergy drops, we have found that Asensa Drops™ were highly effective in reducing their allergy symptoms, often in as little as three months.

5- Safe

Serious side effects of allergy drops are extremely rare.

6- Natural

Asensa Drops™ work with your body’s own immune system to decrease your sensitivities to allergies, reducing your need for drugs like antihistamines and steroids.

7- Affordable

Because Asensa Drops™ can be taken at home, there’s no need for the frequent doctor’s office visits and payments that shots require. Most patients who are treated with drops also require less use of costly allergy medications, as well.

8- Personalized

Because everyone has different sensitivities, severity and exposure to allergens, your testing results are computer analyzed in our proprietary system to determine the most effective drop formula for your specific allergy needs.

What we do

At Texas Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists, we believe allergy sufferers have suffered enough— so we found a better way.

Who we are

Asensa Drops are brought to you by the physicians of Texas Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists.